1127 – Sports Cupcakes

Soccer (or “football”, as it is known in Europe) has become the second most popular participatory sport in the U.S., in the last five decades, behind only softball/baseball. Over 13 million children and adults in the United States play soccer today. It stands to reason then, that as a natural outcome of this popularity, these yummy “Sports Cupcakes” would be a sure-fire hit! These particular specimens are first decorated with a spring green, grass-like frosting, and then topped with miniature facsimiles of soccer jerseys, sporty shoes, team badges, and those unmistakable soccer balls. Each jersey is numbered, and the tiny soccer shoes have been meticulously rendered in different patterns of laces and stripes. The badges sport the numeral “8” in recognition of victories on the field, and the Lilliputian soccer balls are simply too cute! What a perfect confection for an end of the year celebration!

Flavors included in price quote:

Cake - Vanilla, Chocolate and Marble

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