1149 – Design in Orange & Pink

This unusual affair in shades of pink and gold begins with a classic round tier, decorated in a gold-diamond “Harlequin” motif, accented with pink beads and a matching strand of the same beads encircling the base.  The next level calls to mind the top of a Russian Orthodox church, as it’s roughly the same shape as one of the distinctive “poppy heads” so prevalent in that distinctive architecture.  The ornate hand-drawn filigree and flourishes add to that allusion, as well.  Moving up, we have a collection of spheres decorated with dozens of tiny little flowerets, creating support for a package that’s been gift-wrapped in a continuation of the gold and pink color scheme.  At the very top of the entire work is a larger sphere covered in the same pink flowers, crowned by a golden hibiscus, making this unique design one that will not soon be forgotten.  For that person with eclectic or eccentric tastes and sensibilities, this is the one to choose!

This product is only available via local delivery or pickup. It is not available for shipping. We will contact you after the order has been placed to confirm the order details.


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