1220 – Toy Story Infinity & Beyond!

Woody and Buzz here, to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Toy Story’s most popular protagonists are on hand here, atop a tower of three layers that are helping Buzz Lightyear get closer to “infinity and beyond!” The lower tier is decorated in Woody’s “cowboy” theme of cowhide vest and western belt buckle, and the middle tier is in the likeness of Buzz’s space suit and utility belt. The uppermost tier is decked out in sky blue, with yellow stars for ornamentation. At the top, Woody is assisting Buzz to ensure his jet pack is secured for take-off because they both want to make certain they are not late for this party!

This product is only available via local delivery or pickup. It is not available for shipping. We will contact you after the order has been placed to confirm the order details.


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