1267 – The Big Top

“The Greatest Show on Earth” is the theme, here, and Hailee must be a fan! Bright primary colors dominate this design, with only a few accents in green lurking about. Two tiers in brilliant blue, one decorated with a design mimicking the pennants so traditional along the lines securing the “big top” tents, ornamented with yellow stars on a background of red. Beside the middle tier is, of course, a seal upon a large ball, balancing a smaller ball on its nose. The top tier is molded into the likeness of a red and yellow striped tent, where all the magic happens, courtesy of the omnipresent ring master. A ring of large beads edges the base of the bottom tier, a red pennant flies from the top of the tent, and stars on sticks add flair to the festivities. Sweet 16, indeed!

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