1275 – I’m All Eyes

As the song goes, “I’ll Be Watchin’ You!” All the lyrics to the iconic hit by Sting may not fit, but there are certainly enough eyeballs here to keep constant watch on someone! Five tiers make up this “tower of watchfulness” – from bottom to top, pink, blue, red, yellow, and “fuzzy” green. Each tier has a single or double row of matching “ruffle” at its base, and either a pair of eyes, or one “all-knowing, all-seeing” eye, much as a Cyclops might possess. Stars, in a multitude of colors, explode off the sides of the cake, adding a festive air, and three “horns” rise from the top. This might be “the monster under the bed”, but these eyeballs don’t appear to be very threatening, so have no fear!

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