1289 – Jungle Baby

All it took was one little animated film about a lion (you might have heard of it) – and all things ‘jungle’ become popular! Okay – maybe a love for lions and tigers and zebras have been around a lot longer than the movie. But it’s easy to see why. Striking and colorful patterns that happen in nature – coupled with animals – is an easy choice for baby décor. The sounds, the beauty, and the imaginations that are stirred with stories of these fabled beasts inspired this fabulous design. Three square tiers rise high – each strikingly different in appearance – from zebra stripes to leopard spots, and topped with a grassy knoll upon which the King of the Jungle sits to survey his kingdom. Add some ‘baby’ versions of his friends, and you have a stunning cute factor. Then bring in a black convertible auto – with an edible version of the birthday child’s own image – and you have cuteness personified. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s all about the birthday!

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