1354 – Pink Pearl Quilt

For sheer elegance and that “wow factor, few could compare to this “Pink Pearl Quilt.” Two large round tiers are stacked, then iced in the most refined, blushing shade of pink imaginable. The quilting motif is painstakingly and expertly applied, then set off by small luminous pearls at each corner of every single diamond. A narrow white satin ribbon band finishes off the base of each tier, contrasting and adding a brilliant sheen to the piece. Splendid oversized roses in matching white satin are used to great effect, setting off and complementing the design, placed at the base and the crown of this pièce de résistance. Fit for royalty of any variety, and suitable for any occasion, this matchless design has it all – grace, style, and wait until you taste it!

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Collections: Wedding Cakes

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