1410 – Dolled Up With Roses

Pink, more pink, and roses galore! This novelty design “takes the cake”, as the saying goes. This is a classic example of the lengths our designers and specialists will go to in order to make your affair one to be remembered. Let’s begin with a fashion doll; her hair, complete with a feather in bright pink to match her gown, up in a classic folded pony-tail, as high up as it can possibly go. Our decorators go to work, expertly “dressing” her in a bodice of white frothy icing, denoting roses and other assorted frills, adding a three-tiered peplum, then crafting a hand-molded full-length skirt in brightest pink. This skirt functions as a canvas upon which dozens of hand-crafted, individually tinted roses are meticulously applied, in a graceful, bountiful arc that sweeps its way down the entire length of the garment. The roses are complemented with tiny white flowerets, and studded with tiny leaves in spring green. The hem of the skirt is trimmed with an icing ruffle in a combed motif. No detail is left unattended to in this work and each element has its job bringing the entire work into focus to match its title: “Dolled Up with Roses.”

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