1537-Penguin Party

This charming work depicts a joyful scene in Antarctica, where penguins of many varieties roam free. Penguins are often considered “the comedians” of the Antarctic. Their antics are irresistible to children and adults, alike. Dressed in their traditional “tuxedos”, they cavort in the snow and ice, protected from the cold by a thick layer of insulating feathers. These keep the penguins warm even in the icy Antarctic waters. Playful and rambunctious, they frolic where few others can. In this setting, an igloo is perched atop two round tiers in “snowy” white; one is adorned with a wide “ice-blue” ribbon, upon which ornate snowflakes are placed; the other displays a red-and-white-candy-cane stripe motif. Mama penguin looks on as her progeny entertain themselves. Two of the youngsters are sliding down the ice-laden hill, while others are simply minding their manners, and getting ready to wish the birthday celebrant many happy returns of the day.

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