1539-Plethora of Minions

The Minions have taken on a life of their own. These odd little creatures took the world by storm when the first Despicable Me movie was released, and have slowly wormed their way into our collective consciousness. Four of them, dressed up in Superhero costumes to represent Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, are present to wish Joel a very happy birthday. Three tiers, in red, white, and blue, stacked in a not-too-symmetric fashion, are all ornamented with cheerful dots of different sizes and colors. Our designers take particular pride in their ability to customize juvenile birthday cakes to any child’s favorite theme or characters. “Plethora of Minions” in another example of their creativity at work.

This product is only available via local delivery or pickup. It is not available for shipping. We will contact you after the order has been placed to confirm the order details.


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