1556 – Fairy Princesses

What an enchanting display; a lush glade in the springtime is the setting. Rich green is set off brilliantly with thickets of charming little flowers in blue, white, pink, lavender, and yellow. Centered in the glade is an idyllic staircase in shades of blue, leading up to the fairy habitat. These ethereal little pixies, all with magical wings to match their attire, and each with her own unique supernatural power, have decided to descend from their mystical woodland realm to assist in making Emily’s birthday a most special one. Silver fairy dust from the beating of their wings has fallen to earth, and it’s said that anyone who manages to capture some in their palm (or ingest some, in the form of a piece of this stunning cake) will have a wish granted. That should be reason enough to dig in to this delightful work that we’ve named “Fairy Princesses.”

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