1578 – Bloody Zombie Brain

I know what you’re thinking: “This is a WEDDING cake??!!?” Well, the answer is, “Of course it is! Zombies get married too!” At first glance, this might produce a shiver of horror, but if you have any imagination, and just the right sense of humor, you’ll catch our drift! Our designers begin with two beautiful snow white round tiers. A broad black satin ribbon edges the base of each of them. Then our artists go to work, meticulously applying intricate artwork by hand to fully decorate the side of each tier. Then they really go to work! A third (ahem) tier is hand-molded and formed into the likeness of the human brain (I hear all you zombies out there saying “Yum!”), with all the folds and wrinkles that indicate intelligence. To enhance the appearance that this is a freshly acquired item, the “blood” is allowed to drip down the length of the cake and splatter where it may. There’s no brain like a fresh one, they say. The willingness to share this delicacy with all the guests is a mark of the esteem in which they are held. For the Halloween-themed wedding, or simply for the couple who are avid fans of “The Walking Dead”, or any number of any other cultural phenomena linked to the current “zombie” craze, “Bloody Zombie Brain” is the only choice!

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