1586 – Dolphin and Narwhal

The Narwhal is considered the “unicorn of the sea” and the Inuit legend says that the “horn” on this whale was created when a wicked woman was dragged under the sea by a harpoon thrown at a whale by her long-abused and mistreated son. As she was pulled along by the harpoon, her long hair swirled around it, and thus created the horn that was prized as having magical healing properties. The dolphin is the most beloved of all sea creatures. Friendly, social, and helpful to humans on occasion, they symbolize good fortune and intelligence. They are closely related to the whale, so these two together no doubt signify wishes for all the best. Perhaps they also symbolize the different personalities, along with similarities, of the two birthday celebrants, which might be twins, in this case. Cavorting in the waves, they appear to be enjoying their time together. This ocean-themed design, with its shades of blue and swirling wave ruffle that edges the base, is an ideal choice for any birthday. “Dolphin and Narwhal” is a striking and unique work of art.

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