1634 – Sweet Tiers

This masterpiece is one of our most popular designs, and it’s easy to see why! Who could resist? As if the cake underneath all that icing and candy weren’t enough, it’s awash with color and sweets galore. The bottom tier is adorned with picture-perfect hand-drawn cupcakes (each one topped with a bright red cherry) all around the side. In between those charming cakelets are large multi-colored beads, and above them are drapes of “candy cane” stripes, forming a scalloped motif, and dotted with red-and-white peppermints. The middle tier is supported by an armada of ice cream cones in different colors, and boasts its own edging trim of “ribbon” candy in blue, green, orange, and yellow. The third tier seems to be floating on a cloud of multicolored lollipops, bursting from the top of the middle layer. This third tier is decorated with another scallop design made of more colored beads, and a row of candy “dots” wrapped around its base, adding color and just begging to be plucked from their paper backing. Perched atop the entire affair is that fourth layer, in the form of an oversized cupcake. The cupcake wrapper is bright yellow, and the top is fluffed up with white frosting, dotted with sprinkles. “Sweet Tiers!” is a birthday cake to take all birthday cakes. Any child (or adult with a sweet tooth) will simply swoon over this centerpiece!

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