1637 – Big Red Fire Truck

Little boys and girls, alike, dream of riding on a “Big Red Firetruck!” What could be more exciting? This one is hand–molded, and perfectly constructed, in every sense. The red and blue warning lights on top, the ladders along the sides, the wheels and rims, are all created in exacting detail. The chrome trim adds shine and you can almost hear the sirens blaring! A long yellow fire hose, coiled up alongside the truck means that the firemen have arrived at their destination and are ready for action. For any youngster with a fascination with fire trucks, or the desire to one day become a brave fire fighter, this work will serve admirably as the centerpiece for a birthday celebration. So life-like that it’s hard to believe that underneath all that shiny red “paint” and “chrome”, there is some awesomely delicious cake waiting to be eaten, from top to bottom, this novelty design is a sure-fire winner!

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