1640 – Monsters, Inc.

This design celebrates and blends together features of the two primary characters from the phenomenally successful “Monsters, Inc.” movie franchise. Mike Wozowski’s unmistakable single eye is represented by the top tier, and James P. Sullivan’s distinct blue fur is depicted, to perfection, on the bottom layer. There’s also a rendering of the white door with pink flowers which leads to Boo’s room (Boo being the human character who enters Monstropolis). These two best buddies have legions of fans, young and old, around the world, despite the fact that their “raison d’être” is scaring young children to collect the energy from their screams to power the city of Monstropolis. Neither Mike nor “Sully” is actually particularly scary or mean, so they must hire various other scary characters to effect this goal. Since all who have seen the movie are well aware of this, this centerpiece will not be one to frighten away young party guests, but instead to draw them in. You bring the idea, we’ll bring it to fruition for you.

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