1649 – Dragon Ball Z

“Dragon Ball Z” details the continuing adventure of Goku as a young adult and father to his son Gohan. After learning he is a Saiyan, Goku dies and is revived after training in the afterlife under the god North Kaio. Goku defends Earth from the Saiyans, (members of a nearly extinct extraterrestrial race who sent Goku to conquer Earth for them). This design will surely thrill and delight any devotee of the popular Japanese anime character. The enormously popular TV series has fans all over the planet, and this design is for a particular two of those fans. The golden ball atop the two round tiers of blue and red glistens with a light of its own. Images of characters from the series are prominently displayed on the side of the lower tier, and the Dragon Ball Z logo appears on the top tier. This custom design might be for you!

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