1656 – Colors of Mickey

This design is – how shall we say it? – somehow, oddly familiar. Ah, yes; it must be those iconic ears. This piece looks, at first glance, to be two tiers; but wait a minute – that Mousketeer hat on top isn’t really a hat you can wear – it’s a third tier of yummy! The colors of the tiers cleverly follow the colors of Mickey, himself: black head and body, bright red shorts (with the two large white buttons), and sunshine yellow shoes. There are few things in this world more recognizable than the classic silhouette which is repeated on the side of the lower layer. Three circles – so simple; and yet in this particular configuration, they conjure up visions of “The Happiest Place on Earth.” The strands of contrasting beads ringing the base of each of the lower two tiers continue the color theme, as do the “1”s that are placed between the silhouettes. Even the printing on the serving platform maintains the Disney theme, in that it is the same font used in the Disneyland and Disney Studios logos. “Colors of Mickey” is a self-contained homage to that most famous of all mice, and will be appreciated by one and all.

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