1665 – Sweet 16 in Pink

“Sweet Sixteen in Pink” is a charming work, with exactly the right ambience for a young girl about to make that transition into “almost”-adulthood. At sixteen, a girl begins to know herself, and her place in the world. She begins to visualize what kind of future she wishes to make for herself. This design reflects a character of modesty, integrity, artistry, and charm. Any girl would be hard-pressed to choose better attributes than these. Two square tiers indicate strength of character. Pink has long been associated with the grace of the feminine essence. The delicate flowers connote a generous disposition and a reverence for nature. Single strands of pearls, or beads, ring the base of each tier. Pearls are a symbol of sophistication and style. Add together all the qualities that “Sweet Sixteen in Pink” brings to the hopes and dreams of the birthday girl, and you’ve got quite a centerpiece!

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