1682 – Tonal Topsy Turvy

This may seem a slightly eccentric tower for a wedding cake; however, on closer examination, it does contain all the elements of a more “traditional” design –  but who wants “traditional”? This “leaning tower of cakery” is for the couple who maintains a sense of humor in all life situations; a couple who sees the deep-down beauty in all things and all people. These “topsy-turvy” tiers are all iced in “bridal white”, as befitting the seriousness of the event, but that is where “convention” ends. Each tier has its own motif, which defines its identity. The base tier is artfully embellished with hand-drawn flourishes and curlicues. The middle tier features a  quilted design, accented by tiny seed pearls. The top tier is covered in an abstract lacey design. All the artwork is executed in a luminous shade of “pearl” and each tier is adorned by a single strand of “pearls” at the base.  Tradition has its place, and is faithfully represented here, but “Tonal Topsy Turfy” is for the more “free-spirited” couple – that might be you!

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