1702-Damask in Black and White

The damask pattern calls to mind visions of the romance of ancient Damascus. The production of damask used one of the five basic weaving techniques of the Byzantine and Islamic weaving centers of the early Middle Ages. Damasks derive their name from the city of Damascus – in that period a large city active both in trading (as part of the silk road) and in manufacture. All of the mystique of that far away time is captured in this design. A large square tier supports a smaller round tier, both of which bear the unmistakable and complex motif of a damask weave. The intricate pattern is executed perfectly and meticulously using a delicate technique not unlike embossing. Beautifully hand-tinted blooms of lavender and purple add just the right splash of color, without detracting from the beauty of the black on white artistry, and a subtle strand of shiny black beads encircles the base of each tier. A stunning work, “Damask in Black and White” is a favorite, and so versatile it will be at home for any occasion or celebration.

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