1708-Pink Leopard

This singular sensation contains all the elements necessary for a spectacular birthday affair. The background of pink is said to induce calm and tranquility, and the over-sized bow on top emphasizes these qualities. The leopard-spot motif signifies many attractive attributes; the leopard is an extraordinarily powerful totem. The leopard is elusive, mysterious, and has connections to kings and queens in myth, legend, art and literature, since ancient times. The allusion to that powerful and beautiful animal will not be lost here. The bit of “bling” here, in the form of a crystal ribbon encircling the base of this single tier adds a dash of sparkle and glamour to the mix, but does not detract from the basic tone of the piece. If your special someone possesses the qualities of mystery, sensuality, nocturnal magic, spiritual strength, and surpassing beauty, “Pink Leopard” is the selection for you!

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