1711 – Ivory and Pearl Grey

This chic and stylish affair is for those with the most cultivated tastes and esthesis. The elegance of ivory is paired here with the softness of the most delicate pearl grey, evoking images formal occasions where chandeliers sparkled, and candles in sterling silver candlesticks cast a romantic glow over the festivities. The ivory base on both tiers serves as the glistening canvas upon which intricate hand-drawn artwork in pearl grey embellishes without detracting from the sedate and refined setting. Broad satin ribbons in matching pearl grey ring each tier and serve as contrast to the glittering crystal strands that add just a soupçon of demure twinkle to the piece. Blushing pink roses complement the effect, gathered in clutches along the sides, and crowning the work. If you are seeking nuance, sophistication, and polish, “Ivory and Pearl Grey” is for you.

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