1715 – A Cars’ Birthday

The “Cars” movie franchise is one of the most popular in the history of animated film. The success of the original movie paved the way for a sequel, video games, the introduction of “Cars Land” at the Disney theme parks, and an veritable mountain of merchandising. Children everywhere have identified with one or more of the different characters – and aren’t we fortunate that several of those very personalities have decided to make an appearance here, for Andrew’s birthday? Here we have Guido and Sarge, at the base of the lower tier, that’s done up in the distinctive checkerboard pattern on a racing flag. Fillmore is cruising around the top of that tier, no doubt on the lookout for anything he can brew some organic fuel from. Luigi is out searching for anyone who might need a tire changed. Lightning McQueen and Mater are perched atop the cake, possibly discussing strategies for the big race. “A Cars’ Birthday” is a bright and colorful design that will have all your party guests reminiscing about the first time they saw “Cars.”

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