1728 – Formal Mickey

Mickey Mouse and company are present on many of our most popular designs. The celebrity of this little mouse, and his notable friends, is nothing short of a phenomenon. Said phenomenon began in 1928, when he starred in his first animated film, “Steamboat Willie”, one of the very first sound cartoons. He has since appeared in more than 130 films, and his fame never seems to fade. This work depicts the spirit of Mickey in a different light – formal! The trademark red shorts with large white buttons are still present, but it seems he’s wearing a tuxedo shirt, and a snappy gold bow tie. His ears (which have always been “dress black”) fit right in, here, and those black studs on the nattily pleated tuxedo shirt are about as stylish as one can get. “Formal Mickey” might be for a birthday, or other formal affair, or it just might be one half of a whimsical wedding design for a couple who has strong ties to this magical mouse.

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