1741 – Buried Treasure

This versatile piece could be used for virtually any occasion. Perhaps it’s a wedding with an ancient nautical theme; or a birthday for a “pirate” buff; or a “Bon Voyage” party for someone who’s off to sail the high seas to search for “Buried Treasure.” Two bountiful round tiers in palest pink form the canvas for this work. A massive composition of swirling blue represents the deep blue sea, and in the midst of the waves, a meticulously crafted clipper ship of old is at anchor, perhaps waiting for the rough waters to calm down a bit. Atop the cake is an ancient treasure chest, overflowing with gold doubloons, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other booty, hundreds of years old. This could reflect the feeling that two people, marrying, have found treasure in one another. Whatever the event, this design will bring life to it, and make the occasion a most memorable one.

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