1774 – Country Wedding

Country folk are simple folk. They don’t like a lot of “fuss” or frills. But they do know love and romance, and they do get married. They don’t go in for flounces or affectation. They take pride in their “down home”, humble origins. But a wedding is also cause for a big party! This four-tiered design ought to be just the ticket for the couple that prides themselves as being the “salt of the earth.” Two “bridal white” tiers are only barely embellished with some hardly-noticeable hand-drawn artwork, and the other two tiers are in a brilliantly articulated wood-grain finish. Red, white, and blue flowers are generously strewn about the design and quietly elegant single strands of pearls ring the bases of the two white tiers. Rather than the traditional “bride and groom” topper, or a fancy, glittering cake topper, these two have selected something more meaningful to them: a tractor, being driven by the groom, with the bride resting on his lap. A carved heart, also in the wood-grain finish bears their “branded” initials. “Country Wedding” looks like the beginning of a life-long partnership.

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