1797 – Classic Black & White with Blue

It’s tough to beat the classic combination of black and white. It’s elegant, always proper, sophisticated, understated, and powerful. And that’s exactly what we present with this cosmopolitan and refined design – with a little twist. A tower of three round tiers forms a superstructure of purest shimmering white. The base tier is wrapped in two narrow bands of black satin ribbon, and one band of “cool blue” ribbon, just adding a soupçon of color. The middle tier also has a matching narrow band of black satin at its base, but a collection of cheery (yet urbane) dots of black and “cool blue” scattered neatly around the tier. The top tier is a charming facsimile of a birthday present, all wrapped up in ribbon and culminating in a fastidious and tasteful large bow, at the very top of the work. This striking (yet demure) birthday design is simple and impeccably stylish, at the same time. “Classic Black and White, with a Touch of Cool Blue” is a model of effortless grace and discretion.

This product is only available via local delivery or pickup. It is not available for shipping. We will contact you after the order has been placed to confirm the order details.


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