1818 – Cat in the Hat

There are few items more recognizable to a child than this famous red and white striped chapeau. “The Cat in the Hat”, by Theodore Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss) was published in 1957 to immediate acclaim. Taking up a challenge to create better reading primers for young children, his success was nothing short of astounding. Altogether, he published 46 children’s books, and he was revered and loved by children all over the world, who learned to read by his work. The Cat is not present in this design, but Thing One and Thing Two are, predictably, running around, creating as much havoc as possible, blue hair flying. This design hearkens back to a gentler time, when children recited “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” rather than play video games, watch movies, or answer emails on their phones, or tablets. The muted colors used in this design add to the sense of timelessness that is present in the works of Dr. Seuss. A favorite for many decades and generations, “The Cat in the Hat” is suitable homage to the man who created so many memorable characters that have gone onto fame in live theatre, as well as in movies and on television. We love you, Dr. Seuss!

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