1824 – Princess Pink Birthday

This work is obviously for Princesses only! No others need apply! Two large round tiers are iced in “fairy pink”; one is embellished with a quilted motif and the other with ornate hand-drawn flourishes and intricate curlicues. A row of delicate hand-piped pearls rings the base of each layer (pearls are ALWAYS appropriate, for any princess). A stunning oversized bow in a pale periwinkle satin is placed between the tiers, and adds softness and an accenting splash of color. The deliciousness of the cake underneath all this frothy pinkness is matched only by the sumptuousness of the bejeweled crown and scepter that grace the top of this piece. What little 6-year-old princess could resist such a treat? “Princess Pink Birthday” is a sure way into her heart, and to ensure a birthday that will not soon be forgotten.

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