1854 – Pink Owl

This whimsical work has a bit of everything, all incorporated into one cohesive design. The bottom tier is a nod to the classical: black and white, an ancient and ornate damask pattern overlaid on the white tier. The top layer is in a lovely shade of lavender, and features a quilted, textured motif. Tiny white beads accent each corner where detailed stitching crosses, marking off diamond shapes. A narrow band of pink ribbon encircles the base tier and a broader ribbon surrounds the top layer, culminating in a large pink bow. Perched atop this piece is a pink owl. Owls, traditionally, are said to bring wisdom, and have often been attributed with the gift of prophecy. In this particular case, a pink owl just might signify that the baby being welcomed is one of the female persuasion. “Pink Owl” is a charming way to welcome a new baby girl to this party we call “life.”

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