1864 – Frozen with Snowflakes

The extreme popularity of the movie “Frozen” has our designers in a dither, coming up with more and more new designs to please one and all. The dominate color theme of pale blue, arctic-ice blue, and snow-and-ice white are once again at play here. A large single tier stands high and majestic, iced on the side in palest arctic-ice blue. All around the side of the cake are snowdrifts and snow banks, galore. A picture of the primary characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Prince Hans, Sven and Olaf is also framed by an oval of heaped snow. Atop the cake is a picture of Elsa, all alone, except for her trusty friend, Olaf, halfway between Arendelle and Elsa’s palace of ice. Oversized snowflakes surround this picture, which seems to be on an ice floe. The universal appeal of this movie has shown no signs of abating, so you can be certain that we’ll keep coming up with new pieces to add to our “Frozen” collection.

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