1869 – Baby Stego

Due to its distinctive tail spikes and plates, Stegosaurus is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs. The Stegosaurus was an herbivore, and was not particularly aggressive, although its spikes came in handy as defensive weapons. But this charming little guy hasn’t got his full armor “plates” or even full-sized spikes, as yet. Just a youngster, he’s just about ready to take a little nap on this thick patch of soft grass he’s found. He’s not purple, like Barney, but he looks like he could be right at home on the set of “Barney & Friends.” Kids do love dinosaurs, and “Baby Stego” will be no exception. My son had a book of dinosaur pictures that he browsed through so often, it finally completely fell apart. And who couldn’t love this little fellow? Bright orange, with blue spots, and completely non-threatening small green spikes, he looks like he’d be a splendid playmate. Our designers specialize in this type of novelty design for children’s birthday parties and they are at their creative best when given carte blanche, as they were here. You provide the idea; we’ll bring it to fruition!

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