1887 – Blinged-Out Cupcake

Cupcakes have been all the rage for the last couple of years. “Gourmet Cupcake” shops have been popping up like mushrooms, literally everywhere, and people still cannot seem to get enough! This pièce de résistance is certain to elicit attention and kudos, galore. A gloriously large specimen has been created here, all formally dressed in a black paper wrapping, and a rounded top simply heaped with smooth creamy white frosting, just begging to be tasted. An elegant ribbon of gold encircles the black paper baking cup, and culminates in a festive bow. The base of the cupcake (that looks like it came from “Area 51”) is adorned with roses that have been dusted in gold, against black ribbon twists. The top of the piece is decked out in golden beads of different sizes, each looking like a golden “pearl.” This eye-catching novelty piece is perfect for any birthday, or any occasion where “grandiosity” is the watchword of the day!

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