1896 – Black Scorpion

A black scorpion can represent many things. There was an original horror movie entitled “The Black Scorpion”, there have been several movies with the same name depicting a female avenger-type vigilante, a la “Batman”, a TV series, based on the same character; it was also used as a gimmick in professional wrestling, with many wrestlers acting in the role, a character in a video game called “City of Heroes”, and there is (surprise!) a sideshow/freakshow performer who bills himself as “The Black Scorpion. Let us not forget the original predatory arthropod animal, itself – thus adding the all-important “ick!” factor into the mix. Whichever one is being lauded here, you must admit this is a prime specimen. Claws at the ready, eight legs to help him move faster than any human can, in trying to evade him, and a stinger that will do plenty of damage, even if the venom doesn’t actually kill you, this dude is scary in the extreme! I sure wouldn’t want to come across this guy in my shoe or my bed! However, I’d be glad to cut him to pieces, revealing a most heavenly concoction of cake, filling, and icing, that will make me forget all about this nightmare on a platter!

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