1898 – Retirement At Last

I’m sure there were times when Bill thought he’d never make it to retirement. Sometimes, that can seem to be an unreachable goal – but now, here it is! Time to ditch the alarm clock, the time clock, the suits, the ties, the jackets, the Blackberry, the late nights working – time to put on the shorts, flip-flops, and hit the beach! Long, contemplative walks along the sand, sloshing through the end of the waves, playing Frisbee with the dog – these are the pursuits of retirement, and long overdue. It’s clear that Bill’s going to be missed – all one has to do is look at this design to see that. Sad to see him go, but happy for him, and wishing him all that he’s desired – sandy beaches, blue waters, relaxation, and time to just live life. Who could ask for more? Bill (or any retiree) is certain to appreciate these good wishes for his future – and he’ll REALLY appreciate the delicious cake!

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