1905 – Frozen-Elsa’s Castle

The popularity of “Frozen” seems to not only wane, but to increase, exponentially. This phenomenon has been unlike anything else in recent history, and a huge boon to the Disney corporation. The appeal appears to be universal, and little girls all over the world have come to embrace Elsa’s decision to be her own person, no matter what. This lovely design is another in our “Frozen” collection. A single tier is covered in “ice blue”, and edged at the base in white and lavender. The surface of the tier simulates a frozen lake, and in the middle is an ice floe where Elsa and Olaf appear. Behind the floating pedestal, Elsa’s castle arises, magnificently reaching to the sky. Drifting snow banks and delicate snowflakes add to the ambience, and this piece is certain to elicit a chorus or two of “Let It Go!” Fair warning!

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