1911 – Basket of Roses

This inspired work is but one example in our creative designers’ bag of tricks, so to speak. An elegant tier is molded, shaped, and meticulously hand-piped with icing to emulate a delicate “woven basket.” The top of the basket displays a profusion of stunning blossoms. Each hand-formed rose is unique in the collection in size, shape, and each is precisely hand-tinted in subtle shades of coral and pink. Leaves of spring green add to the authenticity of the bouquet, peeping out from the top rim of the basket, and complementing the blooms. This exquisite piece is one of our most versatile in that it is perfect for so many different occasions – birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, first day of spring – any number of possible occasions come to mind. This piece is sure to elicit oooo’s and ahhhh’s a plenty!

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