1923 – Unique Club of Las Vegas

“The Unique Club of Las Vegas” was formed by a group of Nigerians who are impelled by the desire to foster good relationships among themselves and to sponsor and promote charitable and philanthropic causes in the community, and the world, at large.The group was founded and registered in 2010 as a non-profit organization, and 2015 marked their fifth anniversary. This custom design was commissioned for the celebration commemorating its fifth year. The hand-molded design represents the club’s trapezoidal logo and insignia perched upon a rounded base. The rays of the sun shine down from the top of the trapezoid, and represent the “good will” mission of the club. This work is demonstrative of the abilities of our expert designers and artisans to create nearly anything you can conceive of, and bring it to completion. With our dedication to meticulous detail in design, color, and intent, you simply cannot go wrong.

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