1934 – Leopard Print with Red Bow

The leopard motif has been used extensively to convey upon its recipient all the magnificent characteristics of that most majestic animal. The leopard calls to mind mystery, speed, stealth, intelligence, glamour, strength, and beauty. Who among us would not want to be associated with such attractive attributes? Thank goodness we no longer see the need to literally wrap ourselves in leopard fur – we have reached that point in civilization where we can admire something without needing to possess it – and this design captures that, commendably. A tall-ish round tier is bedecked in a beautifully executed representative leopard design, the base of which is wrapped in a broad ribbon of glistening crystal, for a touch of sparkle. A large decorative bow in brilliant red rests atop the cake, lending a festive air. This delightful piece could serve for virtually any occasion where it’s important to make a statement!

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Collections: Birthday Cakes

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