1967 – Black and Gold Art Deco

This magnum opus is homage to (perhaps even a study of, if you will) the ever-popular “art deco” school of design. Art Deco is more of a “mood” than a style, or discipline. It instantly conjures images of unimagined wealth, ostentation, and a “devil-may-care” mind-set. The elements in this fabulous design are all part-and-parcel of that flamboyance and attitude. Two round tiers, with a towering oblong tier in between, form a monumental tower of cake. The geometric shapes include sharp angles and rounded arches, echoing a great gate – perhaps to heaven, itself; the black and gold color scheme is bold and dramatic; strands of luminous pearls are carelessly draped along the natural curves of the design. Large white plumes extend off the cake, and give the illusion of floating in mid-air. The entire piece seems to be suspended on a cloud, beckoning. For any occasion, this design is ready, willing, and able to serve as an unforgettable masterpiece of cakery.

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