1985 –Birthday Drama in Black, Red, and Gold

This dramatic tower is both bold and dazzling! There are not many color schemes that can pack such a powerful jolt to the eyeballs as black, red, and gold. Four tiers reach toward the heights; two black squares, and two round, in brilliant red. Each tier is edged at its base with a contrasting ribbon band, embellished with glittering gold-toned crystal. A smaller mask of silver and gold rests at the bottom of the design, and a black clutch sits just a bit higher, accented with feathers of red and black. The crown of the cake supports a larger, more intricately decorated mask of gold (talk about drama!) offset with an even larger profusion of black and red feathers. This work was created for a 50th birthday celebration, but could easily stand in for any affair where theatrics and spectacle are the order of the day!

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